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We will offer large discount on our inventory. Most of the unsold inventories consist of big ticket items like home theater systems and digital audio hi-fi systems. There were three critical problems. Four key points that I was able to pick up on from the simulation come directly from the "Process of Decision Making" diagram particularly from "Making the Decision" section.

This will offer our employees a cash bonus linked to improved productivity levels. In framing the problem, we had to pinpoint the problem areas. This action will reduce the discretionary expenditures we can. A discount would help. Joint promotions with the large consumer electronics companies would save us money because the electronic companies would bear most of the expenditures.

However, headquarters would have to restructure the variable pay plan for all the junior employees in the company.

The non-urgent items I identified were attrition, market trends, and variable pay. The effect of the variable pay plan attracted many of our employees.

Thinking Critically

The effect of newly opened store caused our sales to drop. Headquarters may dismiss this as a purely local phenomenon.

We will formulate a performance bonus plan only for our employees of Thinking critically simulation essay. We will offer discretionary bonus. We recommended to headquarters a restructuring of the variable pay plan for junior employees who perceive a huge disparity in the variable pay of the junior and more senior levels.

My thought was much like doctors approach of diagnosing an illness by identifying the symptoms to get to the root causes.

One example that I was able to eliminate was the fallacy of the operations manager.

One was a newly opened store. We have discretionary funds that can be utilized by us for offering employees a cash bonus linked to improved productivity levels.

The simulation seemed to apply the four elements of decision-making; identify causes of the problem, frame alternatives, evaluate impacts, and make the decision. By applying the critical thinking components I was able to see issues as symptoms as opposed to being the problem.

We were informed that our sales are falling for eight weeks and legal action were filed by the city for violating local disability laws. The second was product mix. By applying the critical thinking components I was able to keep focused on the problems. The employees were not happy the way she was treating them that she was pushing to them to hard.

I looked beyond these allegations and only concentrated on her past performances thus eliminating her as part of the problem. In making our decisions, we have to alternate courses of action to solve our problems.

We were task to be a store manager at an Electronic Store, Dallas, Texas. The critical urgent items I had listed were product mix, legal action, and new store. We will re-orient product mix. Increasing promotional expenditure might stimulate sales; however, this will substantially reduce the discretionary expenditures we make in other areas.

Despite people often replacing their older models with new ones, the local market for such items seems to be saturated. It is possible that the dissatisfaction on variable pay resulted only from the high variable pay offered by the newly opened store.

Continued with this process until I was satisfied with decisions I had made. The third part addresses making your decisions and trying to anticipate the outcomes of your decisions.

I varied the approach by listing possible symptoms and then tried to determine the root causes. The third was low variable pay for junior employees.

We decided to increase promotional expenditure substantially to match the aggressive promotion of the new store. Thinking Critically" Simulation Thinking Critically" Simulation In the "Thinking Critically" simulation I tried to use the fishbone or cause and effect tool to help me try to identify the problem.

Our decision making process help us focus on three steps a framing the problem, b making the decision, c and evaluating the decision. Being able to apply this simulation to my work is not an easy task since I work in the insurance industry particularly customer service.Free Essay: Critical thinking is essential in business and in every aspect of life.

The more time spent thinking critically about an issue or problem allows. Read this Philosophy Essay and over 88, other research documents. Thinking Critically" Simulation.

Thinking Critically Simulation

Thinking Critically" Simulation In the "Thinking Critically" simulation I tried to use the fishbone or cause and effect tool to. Thinking Critically Simulation A critical thinking simulation is an effective tool to teach the basic decision making steps which include framing the problem, making the decision, and evaluating the decision.

Free Essay: Thinking Critically Simulation Review Problem solving tools and techniques As a group we decided on using a couple of problem-solving tools. Thinking critically simulation review In our every day lives, we are called to have decisions every minute, even every second.

The start of our day is merely our decision, and even our breathing is also controlled by our decision to be living another day. By critically analyzing and evaluating different sources on the subject, however, he arrives at a different conclusion about whether humans are singularly affected by neurological impulses.

Final Thoughts on Critical Thinking in Essay Writing. Isn’t it apparent how important critical thinking is to writing a good essay? You’ve already.

Thinking critically simulation essay
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