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When asked why you remained silent, you said: But I am all for experimenting and innovating, so I think it should be tried out. How do they cope with being the children of Sachin Tendulkar? On whether he had ambitions as a kid to be a Rajya Sabha member: One has to recollect every minute detail of my past with statistics and small anecdotes and doing it again would be quite taxing.

Again, there are many songs over the years that have been there with me and with which I have a lot of personal memories. How do you deal with their teenage tantrums? We went to some tough places. And as soon as I got a phone call, I rushed to the hospital and I was there.

Why then are you forever, and shamelessly, asking or accepting favours from the government? Why does India lag behind in terms of speed? In fact, some of my best moments in cricket have been playing for Mumbai. I hope I cook well so you would have to ask my family on how they like the taste.

He targeted senior players because somehow he was of this opinion that senior player are no good, whereas senior players had done brilliantly and at years old, I mean they were not too old to continue in the team, just that the thought process was not something that we wanted and there were differences in opinions.

Amitabh Bachchan and Robert De Niro. But there is one dream the nation has been waiting for to come true ever since Tendulkar scored his 99th hundred during the World Cup at Nagpur against South Africa on March Maybe he wants to see me playing some more cricket.

Are you interested in donning the hat of a media expert? How did you become such a boring person — open your mouth and everyone goes to sleep?

10 questions you wish somebody would ask Sachin

I get to spend time with my friends, we get together at regular intervals and I make it a point to spend time with them during special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. What are your views on DRS? Perhaps not the best time to start this school project?

Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketer, and Sachin Tendulkar, the human being. It is ironic though that when I have time now, my kids have grown and are busy with their schedules. The only facility I enjoyed as a student was when I was allowed to represent Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy and granted permission for special classes.

All in all, I felt that we were not putting enough runs on the board. November 5,8:In his first interview to a publication after his tour of the United States where he organised How do they cope with being the children of Sachin Tendulkar?

Any plans to write. Jun 11,  · Sachin Tendulkar's interview before going his first test to west indies. Sachin Tendulkar Answers 10 Questions Posted on July 17, by thecricketcouch After a phenomenal run of 22 years as an International Cricketer representing India, (which may continue for another 10, who knows!), Sachin Tendulkar has chosen a different path to continue serving the nation.

Sachin Tendulkar's exclusive interview with India Today

What are some good questions to ask Sachin Tendulkar of post retirement? At 38, after 22 years in the game in which Sachin Tendulkar has smashed most batting records, he is not done with cricket. Excerpts from an interview with Deputy Editor Shantanu Guha Ray.

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Write an interview with sachin tendulkar house
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